Faith Pushes People to Rely on God (Video)

Faith has the power to do things that may seem unimaginable at times. It allows people to see what is otherwise invisible and encourages believers to go beyond believing in plausibilities and hopes for the impossible.

Faith pushes people to rely on God, trusting that whatever result manifests is the best possible outcome. Faith knows no limits; anything can be achieved if someone has faith in something. With faith, barriers can be broken, and true miracles can be realized. 

The power of faith can have a transformative effect on our lives, so don't underestimate it — use it.

The First Step

Having faith can be daunting, especially when we are weighed down with uncertainty and worry. When faced with an unknown situation, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. 

Taking that first step requires courage, trust, and faith that each footstep will bring us closer to our desired destination. 

Faith means believing in something larger than ourselves, pushing past our fears, and moving forward despite not knowing the end result. It proactively takes action with conviction, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the situation. 

The more faith we have in our journey, the easier it becomes to take on bigger risks that can lead to greater rewards down the path ahead.

God Watch Over Me (Video)

Christianity is one of my central beliefs because I view it just as I see the world around me - as tangible evidence of a higher power. I can't see God or Jesus physically, but I see the grandeur of nature and how it coincides perfectly to sustain us. 

I understand through Biblical stories that with faith and obedience, even the seemingly unsurmountable obstacles thrown in your path are conquerable, which holds true today, too.

There's comfort in knowing someone greater is watching out for me, no matter what happens; quickly saying a prayer at night gives me such relief and peace of mind. 

Optimism (Video)

Optimism is a crucial ingredient to success and achievement. Without it, we may be bogged down by doubt, fear, and anxiety. Optimism gives us hope and the confidence to keep going, even when faced with difficult disagreements or challenging situations. It allows us to find opportunities in even the most difficult circumstances and encourages us to strive for our goals. 

Seeing the good in situations gets us closer to achieving what we set out to do in life. Optimism is important because it can inspire others. It has a contagious power that spreads beyond one individual and can influence those around them. 

Ultimately, optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; its unwavering promise motivates us all to take action for a better future.

Persecution From Within

She had led a hard life, full of darkness and heartache. She had been used and abused, both physically and emotionally. She had numbed herself to the pain with alcohol and drugs, but it never disappeared. It was always lurking in the background, ready to jump out and remind her of her worthlessness.

One night, she was working the streets as usual when a man approached her. He was different from her usual clients; he wasn't there for sex. He wanted to talk to her and share God's love with her. Initially, she was skeptical, but something about him made her want to listen. And so she did. For the first time in a long time, she felt hope. Maybe there was a way out after all.

But unfortunately, not everyone was as accepting as that mysterious stranger. Her past continued to haunt her, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't seem to escape it. People would always remember who she used to be, and they would never let her forget it.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me (Video)

As humans, it is natural to experience moments of doubt and feel overwhelmed by life's tests. 

There is no need to despair; with faith in God comes calmness, strength, and reassurance to weather the storm. No matter the challenge or obstacle that holds us captive within its grasp, taking a walk of faith while believing in God will help bring back clarity in recognizing our responsibilities and accepting that we can do anything through his ability and power. 

As Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," so why not draw nearer unto him for help? With support and belief from God on our side as we take a leap of faith into exploring new horizons, be ready to face any problem head-on and hold nothing back.

Good Samaritan

As anyone who has been the victim of a crime can attest, the assistance of a Good Samaritan can be invaluable. 

In the case of a man attacked and left for dead, all three witnesses - the pastor, the church elder, and the church member - have an opportunity to render aid. 

While it is impossible to know precisely what motivates each person in this scenario, it is likely that the pastor, as a religious leader, will feel compelled to help the man based on the tenets of his faith. The church elder may also feel responsible for the congregation's well-being and feel it is his duty to render aid. On the other hand, the church member may simply be moved by compassion to help someone in need. 

Regardless of their motivations, all three witnesses have the opportunity to make a difference in this man's life. 

But only one does. 

How I Choose to Spend My Day (Video)

How I choose to spend my day is a reflection of my hopes for the world. 

Today, I will spread joy and light in whatever ways I can—counting my blessings, seeing the good in others, helping someone in need, choosing joy, and sharing kindness. 

With these seemingly small actions strung together, harvested from moments throughout my day, I believe we can all make a difference in this world, one moment at a time. Together we can create a happier and kinder future for everyone - so let's get started today!